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Tin tứcNewsWhat jobs are Vietnamese workers not allowed to do when going abroad?

What jobs are Vietnamese workers not allowed to do when going abroad?


Decree 38/2020 stipulates 7 professions and jobs that Vietnamese workers are not allowed to work abroad.

On April 3, the Government issued Decree 38/2020 detailing the implementation of a number of articles of the Law on Vietnamese workers working abroad under contracts.

Accordingly, from May 20, there are 7 jobs that Vietnamese workers cannot do abroad, including:

– Massage profession works at restaurants, hotels or entertainment centers.

– The job requires frequent contact with explosives and toxic substances in the smelting of non-ferrous metal ores (copper, lead, mercury, silver, zinc), frequent contact with manganese, mercury oxide.

– Work in contact with open radioactive sources, mining radioactive ores of all kinds.

– Production and packaging work must be in constant contact with chemicals such as nitric acid, sodium sulfate, carbon sulfide, pesticides, herbicides, rat poisons, antiseptics, and anti-termites with strong toxicity.

– The job of hunting wild animals, crocodiles, sharks.

– Regular work in places with lack of air, high pressure (underground, ocean floor).

– The work of burial, burial of corpses, cremation of corpses, and burial of graves.

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