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Tin tứcNewsWhat are the exit procedures at the airport for first-time workers to work abroad?

What are the exit procedures at the airport for first-time workers to work abroad?


You are about to go to work abroad and this is also the first time you are away from your family to go to another country to work? The following article, European Jobs will give you some notes when doing exit procedures at the airport, or take note of the information below.

– You should hold your passport and air ticket to enter the gate.

– Carry your own luggage and always check to avoid forgetting your luggage.

– Orderly queue, put luggage through the inspection machine. After passing through the check-in machine, carry your luggage under the guidance of the group leader to check-in procedures.

– At the check-in counter, you return your passport and air ticket to the head of the delegation.

– You put checked baggage in two rows in front of the counter, so you should not put money or personal belongings in your checked baggage.

– After the team leader counts the number of checked baggage, absolutely do not put more luggage in or take out.

– After checking in, the team leader will give you your passport and boarding pass. You should follow the leader of the delegation to clear customs.

– At the customs declaration counter, you line up in order, present the immigration declaration and passport. The Customs officer will stamp it and return it.

– At the check-in counter, line up in order, hold the boarding pass, immigration declaration and passport to go through exit procedures. After completing the procedure, the border police will return the boarding pass, passport and yellow copy of the immigration declaration. You must keep this yellow link until you return to Vietnam airport. When boarding the plane, you should quickly settle into your seat, sitting in the correct number of seats on the boarding pass. Do not move around, do not take pictures on the plane. Always wear seat belts, turn off cell phones, FM transmitters during the trip.

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