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Things to know about to protect yourself from Covid-19


You are preparing to go to work abroad but are quite worried about whether covid will spread again or not? Below Jobs Europe will give you information related to covid-19 prevention, even if you are away from family, it will be more reassuring and help you protect yourself from covid-19.

First, clean your hands often with an alcohol-based solution or wash your hands with soap and water.

Touching your face after touching a contaminated surface or sick person is one of the ways the virus can be transmitted. By cleaning hands, the risk of infection can be reduced.

Second, regularly clean surfaces with a disinfectant – for example kitchen benches and desks.

Third, equip yourself with knowledge about Covid-19. Make sure the information you receive comes from reliable sources such as local or national public health authorities, the WHO website, or a local health professional. People need to be aware of the common symptoms that start with a fever and a dry cough, not a runny nose. Most people will get milder and get better without any special care.

Fourth, avoid traveling with a fever or cough, and if you do get sick while in flight, notify cabin crew immediately. When you return home, contact a medical professional and provide whereabouts information.

Fifth, when coughing or sneezing, cover it with your sleeve or use a tissue. Throw tissues immediately in a closed trash can, then wash your hands.

Sixth, if you are over 60 years old, or if you have an underlying medical condition such as cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease or diabetes, your risk of serious illness is higher. Then take extra precautions to avoid crowded areas or places where there may be contact with people who are sick.

Saturday, for everyone, if you feel unwell, stay home and call your doctor or local health professional. They will have some questions about symptoms, where they have been and who have been exposed.

This will help the patient receive the right advice, be transferred to the right medical facility, and will prevent the infection from spreading to others.

Eighth, when sick, stay at home, eat and sleep separately from the rest of the family, using separate utensils and utensils for meals.

Ninth, if breathing is difficult, call a doctor and seek care immediately.

Tenth, it’s completely normal and understandable to feel anxious, especially if you live in a country or community that has been affected. Find out all that is possible in your community. Discuss how to stay safe with your workplace, school, or place of worship.

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