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Việc làm Châu Âu is a reputable labor-export unit that brings good job opportunities for Vietnamese workers in the European market as well as provides abundant human resources for domestic enterprises. We ensure to bring workers suitable jobs with attractive salaries. In addition, we are committed to accompanying and supporting employees throughout the working process.




  • Vision: “To become the most prestigious labor supplier in Vietnam”
  • Mission: To help Vietnamese workers get a suitable job with attractive salary and to make Vietnamese workers become global citizens.
  • Core values:

– Put the interests of the customer in the first place.

– Dedicated support and enthusiastic advice.

  • Việc làm Châu Âu’s team

– Experienced in consulting and assisting employees in jobs-searching.

– Consulting enthusiastically and dedicated to the profession.

– Keeping in touch with employees throughout the working process.

– Being a strategic partner of many companies in the European and domestic markets.

– Transparent financial process.

– Sharing a lot of information about employment and settlement abroad.




At Việc làm Châu Âu, we promise to be the bridge to bring you career opportunities in an international environment.


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